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Making Tax Preparation Easier

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Hi…it’s Mosby, the Bank’s “spokesfox” with some tips to ease the burden of tax preparation.

Hi folks…it’s Mosby again. So many of you commented on my column last month that Gary asked me to write this month’s edition as well. The approach of spring brings many things…blooming plants, outdoor activities, warmer weather. But it also means tax time is just around the corner. This month I have a few ways Middleburg Bank can make tax preparation a little easier for you and also report on the results of last month’s survey.

Easing the burden of tax preparation

One of the most important steps in tax preparation is collecting the necessary financial information needed to support the deductions you may claim. Not only do you need to know how much you donated to charities or what you paid for child care or the cost of medical expenses, you also need to have the documentation to support that claim. Middleburg Bank provides two easy-to-use solutions that can help you organize and retrieve all of this.

  FinanceWorks is a powerful money management platform within Online Banking that helps you manage all of your financial accounts in one place.  This makes it easy to track and categorize your spending, gain control over your spending and do more with your money.
This online financial management solution, powered by Quicken, makes it possible for you to manage accounts from across more than 16,000 financial institutions and credit card sites, so you can quickly and easily monitor your entire financial life.
At tax time, FinanceWorks helps you get organized for taxes by automatically tracking tax deductible expenses. No more digging through shoe boxes of receipts – with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can create reports showing the expense, the amount, the date and the method of payment. What could be simpler?
FinanceWorks is available free from within our Online Banking service. If you're a current user, just log in and click on the FinanceWorks link and you'll be on your way. To find out more about FinanceWorks, click here to check out our website.

With e-Statements from Middleburg Bank, you no longer have to organize and file your bank statements – they are stored safely and securely online and are available at the click of your mouse.
Need to confirm an expense you want to deduct? Just log in to e-Statements, review the appropriate month’s worth of activity and even print a copy of your check as documentation. We retain up to 18 months of statements, so you don’t have to worry about finding what you need from last year.
If you aren’t already enjoying e-Statements, just click here to sign-up.

Online Reviews

Read Our Reviews on YelpIn last month’s newsletter, we asked how often you use online reviews to help you choose who to do business with. Here's what you told us:

Very interesting results…and it certainly confirms the growing importance of online reviews.
Last month, we also encouraged you to write an online review of your experiences with Middleburg Bank at a site such as Yelp! While I don’t know if “jim r” read my column last month or not, he posted this review on Yelp! just a few days ago:

“The Gainsville branch, is very warm, friendly and actually treat you like they appreciate your business! It feels like an upscale small town bank with state of the art online banking tools. It's very apparent that they actually work at this. I sing the praises of Middleburg Bank!! A very modern, yet traditional, friendly place to bank.”

Thanks “jim r” for the kind words…we really do appreciate your feedback.

If you would like to let the world know about your experience with Middleburg Bank by posting a review on Yelp! click here.
Thanks for your on-going support. As the Bank’s “spokesfox” I’m always happy to talk with you. As Gary says, if there is ever anything we can do to make your banking experience with Middleburg Bank even better, please let me know at

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