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Online Banking

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Mobile Fraud

Fake Mobile Banking Apps

Criminals may develop and publish fake mobile banking applications attempting to steal your Online Banking credentials. Here are tips for recognizing an unofficial Middleburg Bank application:

To help protect your accounts and information, don't download or install a Middleburg Bank Mobile Banking App if you spot any of these warning signs.


SMShing is phishing that happens via SMS text message. A criminal sends a text messages tricking you into replying with financial or personal information or clicking on links that will sneak viruses onto your mobile device. To guard against these scams:

Stolen devices

Mobile phones and tablets offer convenience, but they’re also easy to lose or steal, which can put your information at risk.

Traditional online threats

Viruses, malware and other programs that steal your personal information or financial details are also able to infect some mobile devices.

Stay vigilant about security when taking advantage of the convenience these devices offer.


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