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Get acquainted with one of the people at Middleburg Bank

Following is an excerpt from a conversation with Chris Merchant, CFP®. Chris is a Financial Consultant in Middleburg Bank’s Reston and Ashburn offices, where he also oversees the company Property & Casualty insurance program.

How long have you been with Middleburg Bank?

I’ve been in banking for 7 years and with Middleburg Bank for 5½ years.


How did you get into banking?

In college I studied Business Administration and I always focused on the areas of Finance and Economics so pursuing a profession in banking was a natural fit. Within the world of finance my greatest interest has always been personal finance so the opportunity to work with clients as a financial planner is something I really enjoy.

Describe a situation where you helped a client achieve their financial goals or solve a financial problem.

A scenario that is unfortunate but common today is helping people to recover financially after a divorce. These clients are often unsure of their financial future, they are sometimes afraid and they don’t have a plan for managing the issues facing them today or a vision for their future.

By guiding them through the financial planning process I’m able to help them re-group and take stock of where they are today and create a vision and a plan for their future. At the end of the process the client has gained a sense of direction and certainty and has peace of mind that they are going to be ok.

Seeing the transformation from fear and uncertainty to confidence and peace of mind is very rewarding for me because I feel that I’m having a positive impact on someone’s life.

Why should someone who doesn’t bank at Middleburg Bank do business with us?

We don’t take our clients for granted. We know that our continued success is not an entitlement and to be successful we have to earn their business every day. At every bank meeting I’ve attended in my time with Middleburg Bank a common them has been the importance of providing our clients with the Optimal Client Experience, and we mean it.

What’s one thing that most people would be surprised to learn about you?

In college I played NCAA Baseball for four years and was team captain of my team for my Junior and Senior year. After college I had explored an opportunity to play semi-pro baseball but decided to go to graduate school to earn my MBA instead.

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