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Get acquainted with one of the people at Middleburg Bank

Following is a excerpt from a conversation with Linnie Green, a Client Service Representative III at Middleburg Bank’s office on Discovery Boulevard in Williamsburg.

How long have you been with Middleburg Bank? I have been a banker for 14 years and have been with Middleburg Bank for 2 years. I got my start in banking when one of the managers of a bank where I had been a client for nearly twenty years interviewed me while processing an equity line of credit for me and my husband when we moved to Williamsburg.

Tell us about a situation where you helped a client solve a financial need. A new client walked in one day and asked me if we were a “bank.” We chatted for a while and the client said that she really just needed a gas account for travelling to Norfolk where she worked on a military installation. We did just that – opened an account just for her gas expenses and, as a result, we developed a very good banker/client relationship.

That client now has not only her gas account but she has opened other accounts with her husband and transferred all of her investable assets to Middleburg Investment Group. She just recently introduced her sister to us and her sister has already set up an account as well. Helping the client keep her expenses separate was a big concern and led us on a path to meeting her financial goals.

Why do you like working at Middleburg Bank? Middleburg Bank has given me such a great opportunity to take my banking skills to another level in client service. I love the unique banking model of the office and feel especially connected to each and every client. I can add a personal “touch” to each client depending on their financial needs of the day. All of the lines of business are within my reach as a banker and that really makes a difference.

When you aren’t at work, how do you spend your time? I like to work crossword puzzles as a hobby. I’m told it keeps your brain ticking. I also like to crochet. Whenever I have some down time in the fall and winter months, I just pull out one of my afghan projects. I design my own themes and use what I make in my home or give away as gifts to family members. My great-aunt and my grandmother quilted every since I can remember. I am also very involved with my church community.

What’s one thing that most people would be surprised to learn about you? Most people are surprised to learn that I am a military veteran. When the subject comes up, they usually say “really”?

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