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Turkey Leftovers: Try Something New

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Elevate leftover turkey with unique flavors

A hostess likes nothing better than to roast her Thanksgiving turkey and then watch her family dig into the meal with gusto. The day after all the work is over, tom turkey delivers another benefit — leftovers! While turkey sandwiches are always a favorite the day after, there are ways to elevate turkey leftovers when you try something new.

Asian turkey stir fry

Making a stir fry is a smart idea for two reasons. Not only do you change the flavor of leftover turkey to break up meal boredom, but you can also use up any leftover vegetables in your refrigerator. Use the following ingredients as a guide, but don't be afraid to substitute other food items to suit your own taste.

Use a nonstick skillet or a wok and heat a tablespoon of the oil to a medium temperature. Add the uncooked vegetables that take the longest to cook and saute for approximately one minute. Next, add whichever vegetables are left that cook quickly, such as the mushrooms, snow peas and onions for another couple of minutes. Add a little more oil to the pan and briefly heat the ginger and garlic, toss in the already cooked leftover turkey along with the broth and soy sauce. Heat the mixture through stirring frequently, then add the vegetables back into the pan along with a touch of sesame oil. Toss to combine flavors, and serve.

Zesty artichoke heart salad with turkey

After a day of total indulgence, get back on track and make a tasty salad using leftover turkey. Try combining any of these ingredients for a yummy salad.

Combine the first five ingredients. Whisk together the next five ingredients to make the vinaigrette dressing. Slowly drizzle the dressing over the salad ingredients and toss them gently to combine flavors. Divide the salad into four servings, garnish each plate with feta, and, if desired, add more dressing per your taste.

Turkey leftovers can also be substituted in many dishes that call for chicken. If Mexican flavors are a favorite with your family, replace chicken with turkey meat in tacos, tortillas and quesadillas. Turkey leftovers don't have to be boring when you try something new.

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