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The Concerns of a Small-Business Owner

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What many small-business owners worry about and how to address the issues

Small businesses make up a significant portion of America’s economy, and their owners face plenty of challenges as they try to make these vital businesses successful. This article addresses some of the major issues and concerns that small-business owners face today and some ways that your local financial institution can help.

Angie O’Shannessy of states that approximately 98.6 percent of all businesses are regarded as small. Some challenges faced by small business owners include the following:

Your local financial institution wants your small business to succeed, so it offers different options and plans to help wherever you need it.

According to Christine Lagorio of, “A good [financial institution] can prove to be an invaluable partner to a small business, not only helping its owner to borrow capital but also working with him or her to plan for the future and assure potential customers of the business’s stability and credibility.”

Many financial institutions offer programs specially tailored for small-business owners, including the following:

If you have specific concerns as a small-business owner, stop by your local branch today. Professionals trained in assisting small-business owners will do what they can to help you and your business succeed.

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