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Summer Smoothies

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Refreshing Beverage or Sweet Treat, These Smoothies Are Sure to Please

With fresh fruit so ripe and ready for eating during the summer, take an extra step beyond peeling a juicy peach and learn how to make summer smoothies. When temperatures rise, a delicious smoothie can even be substituted for a meal. If you make it yourself, you'll add healthy nutrients that you won't find when purchasing one at a smoothie bar, where non-nutritive fillers are often used.

The only kitchen equipment you'll need is a good knife, a vegetable peeler and a blender. Because smoothies are so easy to make, they might become addictive at your house.

Basic fruit smoothie

Fruit is loaded with beneficial antioxidants. Smoothies that combine several different fruits offer a powerhouse of energizing nutrients. Pick your favorites and experiment. You can use the following as a guide:

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and hit the high speed button until the contents are smooth. Serve the smoothie over ice if you want, or even add an ice cube to the mixture for added coolness. If you want a thicker consistency, add half a banana.

Veggie smoothies make a meal

Even veggie haters usually like carrots. They offer vitamins and an orange sweetness that works well in smoothies. Kick up the protein level and turn it into a meal when you combine the following ingredients with a scoop of protein powder. Experiment and discover your preferred ingredient balance.

Combine the ingredients on a low speed to begin, and then turn on high until creamy and smooth. If you leave out the cayenne pepper, your kids might love this one if you don't tell them what's in it.

Dessert smoothie surprise

Why not surprise your spouse and thrill your kids on a hot and humid evening by serving a dessert smoothie that's a healthier choice than ice cream. Although the ingredients do have calories, you can control them by using a couple of low-fat options. The following combination is loaded with protein, fiber and calcium. Add a few ice cubes before hitting the puree button.

Be prepared for suggestions and ideas from your whole family that might turn your kitchen into a summer smoothie pit stop. It won't take long for everyone to pick their favorites.

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