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Summer Landscaping

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It's never too late in the season to work on your yard

Okay, summer is finally here. The lawn work and landscaping that you wanted to do all spring just didn't happen. Too many things got in the way. Great ... now you have to wait until next spring? Nope. There are plenty of landscaping tasks you can do this summer to get your yard in shape.

A few things to consider

Before you rush out to the local garden supply store, think about how you use your yard. Do the kids play soccer, volleyball, croquet or just plain use the yard as their personal athletic field? If so, you need to take that into consideration when you're landscaping. Make sure there's room for the kids to do their thing. If you don't, chances are your kids will use the yard the way they always do and anything you've planted is going to take a beating.

The same holds true for the driveway. No, no one is playing sports there, but if you're planting shrubs or flowers or doing any other type of landscaping near your driveway, make sure it doesn't inhibit traffic flow between parked vehicles and your front door.


Before you do any landscaping, fertilize your grass. It will help your lawn reach its potential. After that, sit down and plan out what you are going to plant and where. Figure out how many of each plant or shrub you need to fill the spaces. Also consider what will bloom when, and try to have something blooming all the time. Then make your shopping list.

Don't forget the backyard

And don't forget the backyard. Many people think landscaping is all about curb appeal. Remember, the backyard is where you entertain as well as where you go to relax at the end of the day. It needs attention as well.


Though you may think otherwise, you don't need to buy all of your yard materials at the same time. Staggering your purchases helps you save money and manage your time. How? If you buy everything at once, you will have to store tools and care for plants you won't be putting in the ground right away. Instead of doing that, wait to buy until you need it or are planning to use it.

No, it's not too late. Summer is just as good as spring when it comes to landscaping. With some planning and a little elbow grease, your yard can bloom all summer and offer a pleasurable place for you and your family to enjoy.

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