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Online Banking Statistics

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The changing face of financial transactions in America

"Online banking" is a buzzword that keeps on buzzing; it's an expression that keeps being expressed; it's a saying that keeps being said. But do the statistics back up the hype? Are people really banking online and with their mobile phones to the degree that we think they are? Moreover, how about other online and mobile phone financial transactions? Are those growing in number?

Thanks to the folks at the Federal Reserve and the Pew Research Center, we don't have to wonder so much. All we have to do is read.

General banking statistics

Online banking statistics

Mobile phone banking

Future use of smartphones as credit cards

There is no question that online banking is growing and will continue to grow. The key for financial institutions, however, is providing options. Some people like to bank online or on the phone, but many others prefer the face-to-face personal touch at one of our branches. No matter which method you choose, feel free to call on us anytime.

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