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Notable Retirement Statistics

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The trends are concerning, but a focus on planning ahead can help repair them

At a time when the U.S. population is aging more quickly than ever — as baby boomers move toward retirement — the statistics show that many Americans are not prepared to take that next step:

"What causes such poor retirement planning statistics?" Dalberri asks. "Most of the time, it's decisions or lack of decisions, choices, circumstances or priorities that put individuals in their plight. Lack of education, little or no skills, unmotivated, handicaps, health. When seniors reach their retirement, usually, time is a commodity that can't be gotten back."

While Dalberri acknowledges that statistics like these are a "truly sad situation," he adds that "money, new skills and education are still available."

In short, he explains, it's time to turn this situation around. We can start with those nearing retirement, and we can also turn to future generations and urge them to plan ahead. Luckily, local financial institutions are accustomed to helping people plan for retirement. In fact, it's their job to help their customers gain financial independence.

"In order for our retirement planning statistics to improve, we have to improve and teach our upcoming generations to improve so their retirement planning statistics will paint a better and clearer picture," Dalberri writes. "There are many ways for you to be part of positive retirement planning statistics. Seek professionals who are certified to help you with your retirement planning statistics so you don't fall into one of the negative categories."

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