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Movies and Miniseries about Presidents

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Catch a presidential flick this election year

America is known for its fascination with the life stories of presidents. Following is a list of recent or soon-to-be-released films about U.S. presidents. There is no better time to catch up on your presidential viewing than now, while the election season spirit is in the air.

Lincoln (2012)

Many have often wondered: when is Hollywood going to make a great film about Abraham Lincoln? Well, soon there will be no need to keep asking that question. This movie, which delves deeply into the life of one of the nation's revered and beloved leaders, is anxiously awaited by many film fans and history buffs. It's no wonder. In addition to being about one of America's favorite figures, it's directed by acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg. The film stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln and opened Nov. 16.

John Adams (2008)

This outstanding HBO miniseries is a must-see for anyone interested in U.S. history. It stars Paul Giamatti as the Founding Father who very well may be the most important figure in the framing of the U.S. Constitution. While many school children speak of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, few know of the importance of John Adams in shaping the ideas of this nation as we know it, which makes it essential viewing for adults and kids alike. Nominated for 13 Emmy awards, it's available on DVD.

Frost/Nixon (2008)

This compelling film recreates post-Watergate interviews conducted by David Frost with Richard Nixon. It stars Frank Langella and Michael Sheen and was directed by Ron Howard. Available on DVD, this drama gives viewers a peek into the personality of one of our more controversial leaders.

The Kennedys (2011)

This recent TV miniseries tells the story of one of America's best-known political families: the Kennedys. Greg Kinnear plays President John F. Kennedy in this historical drama that is available on DVD.

Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)

This new film stars Bill Murray as beloved President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and actress Laura Linney as his distant cousin, Margaret Stuckley. The film is about a love affair between FDR and Stuckley that took place in 1939. A little different from the other films on this list, Hyde Park on Hudson is lighter presidential fare and hits theaters in December.

Love 'em or hate 'em, most American presidents prove to be endless sources of curiosity. Perhaps during an election year such as this, we can explore the meaning of leadership by learning about the trials, tribulations, triumphs and changes that have happened in the past at the hands of some of our most noteworthy elected leaders.

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