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Five apps that can help you manage your money and save

From making a grocery list to finding movie times and reviews, apps make so many things easier, and one of the things that they do best is save you money. There are so many apps that make saving a breeze that it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to download. If you want to get started streamlining your savings cards, making better use of coupons, finding great discounts and more, try these five great options.


As is the way with technology, new is always exciting; the latest apps and upgraded devices always receive more attention than their older counterparts do. The problem with this trend is that not all new apps are better than the ones that came before. For example, although there are plenty of good new budgeting apps, not many can match Mint.

Mint is a free online budgeting tool that is capable of linking information from all of your financial accounts to keep you organized and help you set goals. When you download the free corresponding app, you can take this information on the road so you always stay within budget and on track with your saving goals.

Card Star

Loyalty cards have been saving you money for a long time now, but it can be hard to keep track of them all. This app allows you to easily import and store the information from the loyalty cards from hundreds of retailers, associations and even libraries. When it’s time for the cashier to scan your card, you won’t have to search through your bag or wallet because many devices are capable of scanning the code directly from your smartphone’s screen.

So much more than organization, the app allows you to browse current deals and even save coupons directly to your phone. It also offers security by backing up the information and offering a passcode feature.


Wallaby is another app that can help you manage your cards, but this one is for your credit cards. When you let the app know which type of credit cards you have, it can help you earn the best rewards.

“(This app) will use the GPS on your phone to identify the retailer or restaurant you're in and advise you on which card to use to maximize your cash back or reward points,” according to Gregory Karp from the Chicago Tribune. “This can be a huge help for credit cards whose bonus-reward categories are changing each month.”


This app also works in conjunction with your credit, in order to help you avoid paying what are known as “gray charges”- charges or fees for services you may not be aware of. Not only does this app save you money by helping you cut out unnecessary charges, it also saves you time because you won’t have to dig into every detail of your past credit statements.

“The site also helps with billing disputes. So far, the firm says, users have gotten $1.2 million in refunds,” according to CNN Money. You can take advantage of these services by getting this app through Apple Passbook.


Buying items on sale is an obvious way to save money, but it isn’t always possible to find the exact moment that they are marked down. The free app Hukkster is here to help with that conundrum, notifying you the moment that your online item goes on sale. This app bookmarks things that you want to purchase online and then tracks them, so you don’t have to constantly check back.

You have several options to customize this app to suit your shopping style. “Choose to get the heads-up as soon as the product is marked down, when the price drops by 25%, or only for a dip of 50% or more,” states CNN Money.

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