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Major Factors That Can Impact Your Car Insurance Rates

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Driving history isn't the only thing companies look at when creating your policy

AARP reported last year that the average car insurance policy was priced 3.8 percent higher in April 2011 than it had been in April 2010. With this across-the-board increase, it's even more important to understand how auto insurance policy rates are determined and what you can do to keep yours affordable.

Car insurance underwriters evaluate many different factors when determining whether to issue a policy and how much premium to charge. Some of the major factors include the following:

Considering all the different factors that go into determining rates and the many different coverage options to work with, it may be difficult to create an appropriate policy without the advice of a seasoned professional. We can help you find auto insurance rates that fit your budget while still providing the benefits you and your family need. Stop by or give us a call today.

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