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How Much Do Your Children Know About Money?

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Observing their habits—and yours—can help you teach them about finances

Teaching kids about money—from saving to spending—can start at a very young age. Even small lessons during trips to the grocery store can help show them how to manage money responsibly. Whether you’re just starting to have financial conversations with your children or you’re wondering if you’re doing a good job expanding their knowledge, here are some tips from money coach Jean Chatzky. Chatzky recommends asking yourself the following questions to see how your kids may be learning about money: suggests the following “money milestones” that parents can use to see if their child is on schedule for understanding finances:

No matter how far along you are when it comes to teaching your kids about money, there are plenty of new, fun ways to teach them about financial responsibility. If you’re looking for help in this department, give us a call or stop by your nearest branch today.

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