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Giving Your Kitchen a Facelift

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A little change can go a long way

You're in your kitchen every day, whether you want to be or not. Some enjoy cooking, others don’t. To put that spark in your cooking routine, how about spiffing up your kitchen? You don’t have to win the lottery to give your cooking space a little bit of a face-lift.

It doesn’t have to be big

Sparking up the appearance of your kitchen can be as simple as adding hooks to walls, cabinets or the pantry door. Why would you want to do that? The answer is easy. It will take clutter out of your drawers by adding extra storage space. Hang dish towels, pot holders, mugs or utensils on these hooks. You’ll be amazed at how much more space you'll have in drawers and on shelves, and for very little cost.

It can be big

Though not as expensive as remodeling the entire kitchen, changing out your countertops can make a big difference. Many modern laminate countertops are made to look like marble but without the high price tag, and they're easier to keep clean.

Another small change

For another change that is low in cost, consider switching out your cupboard handles. The job will take no more than a few hours, depending on how many cabinet doors you have, and it’s something you don’t have to hire a contractor to do. Do it yourself with handles you can pick up at a kitchen remodeling store, hardware store or big-box retailer. For even more change, swap out the cupboard hinges to match the new knobs. The possibilities are endless.


Take a good look at your kitchen space. Do you have enough lighting to see what you're doing? Probably. But putting in a new fixture or two will dress up your kitchen and brighten the space. Again, hardware stores and do-it-yourself (DIY) stores carry relatively inexpensive light fixtures. Installing lighting underneath your cupboards can accent the cupboard and countertop area inexpensively.

How about those cabinets?

Okay, you don’t like the cabinets? Well, there are several options for you. The most expensive is to tear them out and replace them. A less expensive option is replacing the cabinet doors to give your kitchen a whole new look without spending a large amount of money. And if you're handy with tools, it’s a job you can do yourself.

Giving your kitchen a face-lift can be a simple DIY project where you add small touches or replenish worn-out areas, or it can be a complete overhaul with new appliances, countertops and flooring. The good news is, you can choose the option that fits your style and budget.

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