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Meet Middleburg Bank's Spokesfox

Hello, I’m Mosby…Middleburg Bank’s "spokesfox".

You may have seen me in some of the Bank’s advertising, or on our Facebook page, or even on the top of this newsletter every month. But I don’t think we've ever been properly introduced. When I mentioned this to Gary Shook, the Bank's president (and my boss), he was kind enough to let me use his monthly column to tell you a bit about myself.

I have been associated with the Bank since 1924, when the first office of Middleburg Bank opened across from the Red Fox Inn. "Why is a fox associated with Middleburg Bank?" you might ask. Well, for generations, we foxes have long been a part of the culture of Middleburg and the surrounding areas of Virginia. As the fox is an intelligent, resourceful animal (if I do say so myself), I was chosen to represent the spirit of the bank and I've been an integral part of the Bank's identity for many years.

A couple of years ago, the Bank wisely made the decision to feature me as their "spokesfox" and since that time, my role within the Bank has continued to grow. In fact, last month Gary let me take over the Bank's Facebook page and interact there with our many clients and fans.

Every day you can read my posts on Facebook about everything from banking to community events to local trivia. Simply "Like" Middleburg Bank on Facebook and, along with hundreds of other fans, you can follow me and join in the conversation, too. (If you want to "Like" the Bank on Facebook, just click on the Facebook icon to the left.)

I'm very proud to be the "spokesfox" and unofficial ambassador for the Bank. This is just about the best job a fox could ever have.


P.S. If you’d like for me to write more of these monthly columns, please let Gary know byclicking here to send him an email.

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