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Eco-Friendly Retailers

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Businesses that cater to conscientious consumers

As more consumers become concerned about the environment, many companies are stepping up to meet the demand for natural products. Consider these companies that are taking green living to a whole new level.

Live a lush life

Lush Products is paving the way in natural products made with organic ingredients. This innovative cosmetic company produces everything from face lotion to shampoo using organic fruits and vegetables. Lush takes environmentalism one step further by guaranteeing its line of products is not tested on animals. The company also uses as little packaging as possible, and some products go “naked” and have no packaging at all. Visit for additional information.

Turn waste into taste

Turn garbage into a fashion statement with a bag from Urth Bags. This company takes items that would normally be thrown into a landfill (juice boxes, magazines and more) and turns them into wearable art in a variety of hand-crafted handbag styles. Urth Bags also gives back to the community by providing work for women who are willing to learn new skills. Additional information can be found at

Learn to be lean

After looking unsuccessfully for years for a practical home to downsize all of his possessions, Jay Shafer decided to build one himself. Concern about limited environmental resources led Shafer to develop the “Tumbleweed” house and market it to families turned off by excess. Tumbleweed, the Tiny House Company, now carries a number of small homes in varying styles and sizes. Visit for house plans.

Go green

Whether you’re upgrading your Tumbleweed house or a house of more ample proportions, Green Depot is the place to go. With stores across the country, Green Depot’s goal is to provide a retail space that makes environmentally-sound construction materials accessible and affordable. The Green Depot offers everything from construction equipment to home products (like canning jars). Learn more by visiting

Live local

If you live in an urban area, try visiting one of the vegetable trucks popping up around big cities. In an effort to provide fresh foods to underserved areas or "food deserts,” companies like VeggieMobile (, Fresh Moves Mobile Produce Market ( and Peaches and Greens ( have taken to the streets to bring fresh food to residents who do not have access to healthy choices. These companies work with local farmers to provide produce at prices just above wholesale. Check your phone book to see if there is a vegetable truck service near you.

Creating a healthy environment starts with a conscious choice. Research the companies where you shop to see if their social goals align with yours.

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