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Can Your Business Recover From a Catastrophic Event?

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These steps can help save your business should the worst occur.

As the recent East Coast earthquake and hurricanes remind us, a catastrophic event can happen at any time, and it can devastate your small business if you're not prepared. Unfortunately, many people think they won't be affected by such a disaster and don't take the necessary precautions.

In September 2009, an article in The New York Times stated, "Every business should have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Although it's always best to have a complete plan, it's better to have a few crucial pieces than nothing at all. So even if you can't do everything, do something." and the Small Business Administration offer these helpful tips to help get you going:

According to Small Business Bonfire, industry experts have estimated that 25 to 40 percent of small businesses do not recover after a disaster. If you prepare today, there's less chance that your business will become part of this unfortunate statistic. The New York Times advises that if you're too busy or require help in creating a disaster recovery plan, consider hiring a professional. It could possibly save your business.

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