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Alternatives to Hybrid, Hybrid-Electric and Electric Vehicles

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These vehicles get excellent fuel economy for less money

Hybrid, hybrid-electric and electric vehicles deliver great fuel efficiency that saves money in the long run, but these cars come with a high purchase price. Therefore, many people prefer gasoline-powered vehicles like the Chevy Sonic, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris and Hyundai Accent for their versatility, fuel efficiency and lower cost than their hybrid, hybrid-electric and electric brethren.

Chevy Sonic

The 2013 Sonic hatchback gets up to 40 mpg highway.

That's great fuel economy, but Kelley Blue Book loves this car for other reasons as well.

"The Sonic offers loads of features unexpected at this price range, such as streaming Bluetooth audio and the MyLink infotainment system that allows for control of cell phone-enabled apps," states. "In sedan or five-door hatchback configuration, the 2013 Chevy Sonic is the quietest and most composed subcompact car you can buy."

On the other hand, the Sonic is definitely small.

"The 2013 Chevy Sonic isn't the smallest car in the category, but it's not as accommodating or flexible as the 2013 Honda Fit. Nor is the interior as polished as that of the 2013 Hyundai Accent," explains.

Nissan Versa

Called the "Big Little Car" by its maker, the 2013 Versa sedan has room for five, and the 1.6 S MT model provides the most front and rear headroom and legroom per dollar of any vehicle in America. In the fuel department, owners of the 2013 Versa get up to 31 mpg city and 40 mpg highway with the SV model.

But what does a ride around town feel like in the Versa? That depends on whether you're looking for handling or a smooth ride.

"The Versa's suspension is tuned for comfort and the result is a smooth ride quality that many subcompact models just can't match," declares. "Of course there's a price to be paid for this, namely uninspiring handling compared to most of its competitors."

Toyota Yaris

Just the fact that the Yaris is a Toyota means a lot, notes

"It's the Toyota of economy cars, which is hard to ignore, and the recently reengineered 2013 Yaris is vastly more competitive by almost any measure," the website explains, adding that the 2013 Yaris has excellent fuel economy (30 mpg city, 37 mpg highway), a "reasonable purchase price" (starting at $14,370) and "low operating costs."

The 2013 Yaris also features a simple interior, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"The Yaris' interior couldn't be simpler or easier to use; there are just a couple of gauges to read and most will appreciate that the large speedometer is placed directly in front of the driver, rather than in the center of the dash as in the previous Yaris," states.

Hyundai Accent

Recently, the Accent wasn't much to look at, not to mention to drive. However, all that changed in 2012.

"Fresh from its complete makeover last year, the 2013 Hyundai Accent clearly displays the Korean car manufacturer's ability to inject seductive styling and innovative technology into an affordable, fuel efficient and fun-to-drive package," says Expect fuel economy of up to 28 mpg city and 37 mpg highway.

It's a good car, says Kelley Blue Book, but "a little more money tossed at a Honda Fit, Nissan Versa or Ford Fiesta will get you more features such as onboard navigation, push-button start and leather seating."

These are just a few alternatives to the hybrid, hybrid-electric and electric vehicles in the automotive marketplace. Until the price of those vehicles starts to come down, the Sonic, Versa, Yaris or Accent just might be the car for you.

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