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A Smart Tool for Managing Money – at Your Fingertips

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How your smartphone can help you manage money

What can give you the latest news? Wake you up for the day? Guide you where you're going either as a flashlight or GPS? If you guessed a smartphone, you are correct.

At a time when sales of other consumer goods and electronics are lagging, smartphones are enjoying record growth. According to, smartphone sales around the world are expected to grow 25 percent, from 472 million people in 2011 to 630 million people in 2012.

Why wouldn't they grow? Today's smartphones, including BlackBerrys, Androids and iPhones, are making our lives easier in so many ways. They allow us to do convenient shopping, connect with others around the world at the touch of a button and even blow off steam by shooting birds at pigs.

They can also help simplify one of our most important tasks - managing money. According to, 39 million Americans were banking by phone in 2011. It's proven to be a smart way for individuals and businesses to save time and manage money more conveniently.

With mobile banking and a smartphone, you can literally bring your money right to you. You can:

R U bkg by txt?

One banking feature that's becoming popular is text-based banking. With this feature, you can text simple commands to your bank, such as "Bal" to receive your balances or "Tra" to initiate account transfers.

A variety of apps to put you in control of your money

In addition to features available with mobile banking, smartphone providers also offer applications to help you get more out of your money. Some of the most popular applications can help you with:

For more information on smart ways to manage your money by phone, stop by or give us a call. We'd be happy to help you stay in touch with your money.

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